Noise Cancelling Headphones for under $50.00

My pick for "Most Bang for the Buck" has to be the Logitech L23-7207's. Excellent noise canceling, good audio and no external battery, off/on switch, or volume control. Comes with a study travel bag and airplane adapter. Each pair was tested in noisy environments such as multi-multi, mobile, air flight, and everyday use. I prefer over the ear rather than something pressing on my ear for long periods. If you'd like to add a short review of another under $50 headphone please contact me.

Altec Lansing AHPI 712

Nice over the ear headphones, excellent noise canceling and compares to the Logictech below. Comes with a soft carrying bag but offers little protection from crushing. Volume control is cumbersome. $37.00 eBay

Logitech L23-7207

Excellent noise canceling. Over the ear and comes with a nice carrying case that adds crush protection. No cumbersome volume control or battery holder. $39.99 TigerDirect

Phillips SHN2500

Poor audio and noise canceling. Thought I would try something even more lightweight but these offer nothing so save your money. $10.00 eBay


Some noise canceling, good audio. Lightweight and doesn't cost a lot. $14.99

Sony MDR-NC6

Excellent audio and noise canceling although on the ear. $40.00 Walmart


Jensen JHNC51

Review needed.

$37.50 Parts Express


 I have no interest in any of the companies listed.